Thong Lo Momo

Momo Massage

Spacious Momo Massage room

My first visit to this new lotion massage shop called “Momo Thong Lo”. Situated next to BTS Skytrain and competitor Pretty Massage it provides amazing therapy options from 60 to 120 minutes in duration. As seen on photos here it has some of the cleanest and most spacious therapy rooms on the market. Staff is very friendly and knowledgable.

Lotus Spa

Lotus Spa

Typical Sukhumvit massage shop

While walking along endless streets of Bangkok, many therapy shops will offer foot massage. While foot and head’n'shoulders massages are conducted in a public store front, oil massage takes place on second or third floor of shop houses. Those levels are separated by walls being divided into cubicles. Better Sukhumvit massage shops offer private showers inside cubicles. Salons in older buildings use one common shower per floor. Of course shower doors can be locked from inside for privacy of shy people.

How to wash off Baby Oil?

Shower cell in Asian massage cubicle

Married patrons are seeking answers to this question, desperately. Will wife notice the scent of oil and wonder about the glare on my skin? Maybe wonder, why I am smiling too much? It’s really difficult to wash off baby oil with just one shower. That’s why it’s possibly best to option for gel-massage. It’s a non-smelling lubricant that will dry out and fall off of your skin. Simple hot shower with soap will remove all residue off of a visitors skin. It’s better than lotion, because it does not smell like bathing at all. Good luck for you.

Phuket Beach

Beach rub

Asian beach strip where masseuse offer beach massage with lubricants

While it’s mostly an approach to extract money from foreign tourists, beach massage in a shadow of a palmtree can be cheap and relaxing. In Phuket, Koh Samui or Pattaya, there are plenty of people who offer massages, mostly aroma therapy. The women are rather aged and less attractive. That’s a good sign: you will get a quality massage.
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Massage on Soi 24-1

Last weekend I had time to stroll around Sukhumvit’s Soi 24-1 where many Sukhumvit massage parlors are located. Most of them have very similar menues with traditional Thai massage, oil and aroma therapy. Personally, I like traditional Thai treatments with it’s pressure applications and stretching most, but this time I found a shop offering Nuru gel massage: Dream Heaven Spa and Massage. Dream Heaven is known for it’s first Bangkok branch on Soi 33 and this new location on 24-1 is a refurbished shop of Casanova Spa that was previously known as Dozo.

Casanova Dream Heaven

Lot's of space in Dream Heaven Massage

Large massage therapy rooms with showers, sofa and a massage bed were present to my suprise. Most other spas offer rooms no bigger than a Japanese cubicle. Nurugel is very sticky and it takes some patience to wash it off after a session concludes. My treatment was done in a expert way and I was extremely satisfied with Angel’s service. Dream aka Casanova was on my todo-list for many weeks. Gladly I was able to visit and add to my favorite Bangkok oilmassage joint.

Happy Songkran 2012

Songkran Thai ladies

Wet Bangkok massage girls celebrate Songkran 2012

Happy New year celebrations are ongoing as I am writing this. Massage girls from All Star massage and Pink Panther with water pumps splashing water on oily girls from Angel and soapy babes from Apple and Mango massage on Soi 24 and 26 are having a great water party.

Dream Heaven

Dozo Massage on Sukhumvit Soi 24-1

Names of oil massage parlors change often. New management, reconstruction or change in ownership can be reasons. There used to be a lot of massage places on Soi 24 close to Emporium, but many of them have changed names after renovation and management changes. Some names include BKK Allstars and Pink Panther. One of the newer and more independent BKK oil massage places is Dozo Massage aka Dream Heaven. I just walked by this shop a few days ago and it looked very clean and fresh. Once I have a bit more time I will have a look inside and try a 1 hour foot massage followed by 2 hours of oil massage. Let’s see if they offer happy ending or similar. LOL.

Sukhumvit Massage Shops

One of the must-do things during a vacation in Thailand is the experience of Thai and Oil massage. This is a deep tissue massage based on reflexology where external parts of your body like toes, hand palms and certain muscles correspond with vital organs like liver and heart. Proper stimulation of such body zones can help to relief stress and increase health conditions. Most massage places tourists will encounter can be found on Sukhumvit Road, a main street of new Bangkok with great transportation and shopping. I am frequently visiting massage shops here and will use this blog to write down my experiences, provide directions to popular shops like Aviva massage on Soi 8 or Nirvana massage on Soi 23. My personal favorites are mostly located between Sois 8 and 55, all within walking distance of Asoke Road and Skytrain MRT systems. Soon I will post my first review. I think I will start with Aviva Massage and the oil massage by Pim.

Sukhumvit Massage

Two Sukhumvit shops offering oil massage on Soi 19 Lisa's and Friends Barber